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Sand Dunes


Private Tours

Experience the Route of Emotions with your own private guide and vehicle. Our customized tours offer flexibility and exclusivity, allowing you to explore the region at your own pace.

Group Tours

Join a group of like-minded travelers and embark on an adventure through the Route of Emotions. Our group tours are designed to provide a fun and social atmosphere while exploring the region's highlights.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism Adventure tourism is gaining the hearts of Brazilians who enjoy adrenaline. These are unique experiences for those who enjoy outdoor sports and that release the 'happiness hormone' that promotes well-being and quality of life.

Community-Based Tourism

Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions of the Rota das Emoções. Our community-based tourism tours provide authentic and meaningful experiences while supporting local communities.



Explore the Route of Emotions

Get inspired by the stunning landscapes and unique experiences that the Route of Emotions has to offer. Our photo gallery showcases the beauty and diversity of this amazing region.



R. Corrego da Forquilha, Jijoca de Jericoacoara - CE, 62598-000, Brazil

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Choose your destination and set up an exclusive route with the support of the Carona 4x4 team. We organize adventure expeditions through beautiful itineraries for your friends, family, and co-workers. For an activity that provides contact with nature and self-knowledge. An unforgettable experience! 

Carona 4x4 specializes in trips with 4x4 vehicles, as they make it possible to take recreational routes along secondary or unconventional roads, keeping the tourist as long as possible away from busy roads. In our itineraries, nature is a priority, always allowing a very close contact with natural areas, wildlife and integration activities with the local community.


The transport used is in a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4 vehicle, with capacity for up to 7 passengers and fully adaptable to the type of adventure and the customer's needs. For short, medium and long distance expeditions, when adaptation needs are verified, we analyze the conditions to better meet the comfort and safety requirements of passengers.


Our itineraries are exclusive, passing through the points of interest of each destination.

Agency and implementation of the itinerary in a personalized way, checking the needs of the client in order to plan and make the itinerary and available services more flexible to comfortably and safely meet the activities developed.


Drivers are up-to-date and trained to work in natural environments through courses on safety management systems, minimum driver skills, first aid and business management, taught by professionals accredited by the Federal Government and Abeta.

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